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Return to the Paris Climate Accord: Make America 'California' Again


Here's a key question to ask coastal, big city government leaders next time a public works bond issue is floated. Within its prospectus, what is the potential or likely risk investors assume with the widely-accepted, forecast rising ocean levels climate alarmists predict? Who within the throng of socially-conscious, major market, celebrity journalists on the East Coast, West Coast or Gulf (other than New Orleans) is investigating? Is your big metro government duplicitous?
Two more questions: If you born in the 1970s or earlier, were you within the range of Chicago 50,000 watt powerhouse WLS radio The Big 89? Did you happen to hear weekday morning Rock Shock Jock Larry Lujack January 10, 1984 around 8 AM? Below is a 2-minute, studio-mastered, MP3 audio clip.
DOOM BY THE YEAR 2000 is preserved for posterity and historical context as Lujack banters with newsroom anchors Geoffrey Hendrix and Catherine Johns reporting on Massachusetts physicist, oceanographer William Jenkins' advocacy of the Greenhouse Effect. See Review of Geophysics for his published research in 1989. January 10, 1984 WLS Chicago radio - listen to the aircheck below from 37 years ago, 6 years before AOC was born.

Some pre-heating of our atmosphere might be desirable if indeed a BIG SOLAR CHILL arrives in the 2030's as published by Mathematics PhD and astrophysicist Valentina Zharkova of Northumbria, UK. Read NEUTRAL or UNKNOWN, details and links at the third black bulleted paragraph below volcano.
Climate Change is a political football. It led to Media Change: rampant bias. News consumer judgment has largely been molded by today's Media skew. It's a Fairytale Ending: GOTCHA BELIEVIN' in modern journalism's collective consensus. Does our climate change? Yes. Are humans exclusively to blame? No! It is impossible to gauge humanity's impact relative to periodic rhythms of waxing and waning sun spot activity (heating and cooling trends) ALONG WITH natural, uncontrollable, terrestrial volcanic eruptions significantly fouling the world's atmosphere with hazardous emissions – far more harmful than cattle farts.
graphic and data on recent major volcanic eruptions worldwide, source
How significantly does solar activity impact the dynamic through the Ages which is Earth's climate cycles? Below is a holographic perpective on Solar magnetic flux facing Earth for the past 4 weeks. It is interactive. This work utilizes Global Oscillation Network Group from the National Solar Observatory (Big Bear, CA) operated by AURA under a co-operative agreement with NSF and with additional financial support from NOAA, NASA, and USAF.
Carbon dioxide is exhaled by animals and absorbed by plants planet-wide. Terming Carbon Dioxide as simply Carbon is as misleading as calling water Hydrogen — both compounds are accompanied by Oxygen and green plants restore oxygen. Some ice forms while other ice melts. Passing lame, feel good laws in America does nothing to offset China's proliferation of coal-burning power plants as it attempts to appropriate Africa. Weather varies regionally and seasonally. Life is uncertain. As they collectivize power, authorities, news-spinners and propagandists conspire to limit the free exercise of independent analysis regarding periodic and normal, climate rhythms.