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Reporters, Editors Nationwide Conspire to Push US Over Left's Cliff

Steamboat Paper in Lockstep with Populist Swing to Season Select Stories to Chef's Taste

DATELINE: FRIDAY JANUARY 18, 2019: LINCOLN MEMORIAL, WASHINGTON DC: Covington Catholic High School student Nicholas Sandmann got SLIMED BY MEDIA GIANTS in apocalyptic journalistic malpractice. Working to demonize much of America for incorrect viewpoints, these THOUGHT-THUGS invent the news out of thin air. Here's a mid-March YouTube posting by the kid's legal team.

NOTE: On July 26, US District Judge William Bertelsman dismissed the quarter million dollar defamation suit against the Washington Post, citing First Amendment protection in its publication of Native American drummer Nathan Phillips' initial opinion and characterization he was blocked by Sandmann, although later retracted as inaccurate. Sandmann's parents say they'll appeal. Lawsuits against CNN and another news entity remain active.


CBSN Always On
Corrupt Bull Shit News, in July CBSN unequivocally reports Donald Trump's tweet of the Squad is racist, though disputed, Always On the side of liberals
Project Veritas (June 24, 2019): Insider Blows Whistle & Exec Reveals Google Plan to Prevent "Trump situation" in 2020 on Hidden Cam
Project Veritas (July 24, 2019): Current Sr. Google Engineer Goes Public on Camera: Tech is "dangerous," "taking sides"

GRAND ECHO CHAMBER: Predominantly coastal news institutions anchored in Manhattan, Washington DC, California and Atlanta's CNN tend to repeat and reflect common anti-conservative narratives ad infinitum, through republication and rebroadcast of liberal colleagues agonizing over perceived injustices: gun violence by society's crazed (no exemption for NRA members), delusional climate change denial, immunity from expressing racist beliefs reserved for non-whites only, and the sexual abuse of dazzling ladies by powerful, rich men — female victims without celebrity lawyers are usually ignored. The closely associated press believes the world would be better off if only these journalistic guidelines are enforced by co-ordinated and relentless spotlighting. However, reality is not binary — it is nuanced and complex. Individual empowerment based on unvarnished facts, not the media's scolding, achieves justice.
SATURATION COVERAGE: Imagine a lion, violently shaking its prey side-to-side, in the Kill. With that same ferocity, lefties running the media lock in to narratives they find simply irresistible, prolonging selective coverage resonating for months within their echo chamber.
The Mueller Investigation shut down March 22, 2019 — The Democratic majority House Judiciary and Intelligence Committees grilled a tired and retired special counsel Robert Mueller four months later. The staging of back-to-back hearings July 24 essentially resulted in a Nothing Burger. Hungry Congressional Democrats and liberal media who spent the entire week forecasting, covering and re-running Mueller's testimony learned nothing new. Having hyperventilated and speculated daily for 22 months on matters unknown to all but Mueller team confidants, the frustrated Capitol press framed the inquisition for readers and viewers with steady bias. Leading attack dogs and the 2020 pretenders to the throne are desperate for any morsel validating a co-ordinated effort to smear Donald Trump. We can count on these pitbulls to play-up the collusion conspiracy as the field of Democratic presidential candidates provides endless soundbite opinions. Of the 25 vying for presidential nominee and running mate, at least 23, and perhaps all, will repeat the defeat Beto O'Rourke experienced in his recent Senate race in Texas. Even if the House does vote to impeach Trump, the Senate will override the indictment. US polling shows most Americans feel it's time to put a cork in the impeachment drama and legislate. But politicians will be politicians and inevitably put career security ahead of national duty. Nearly all, if not all, Democratic presidential contenders are destined for disappointment after carpet-bagging the hustings and carpet-bombing the public with increasingly socialistic rants. These power-hungry idealists would rather campaign than do the work left undone.
What goes around, comes around, swamp creatures! As the Dem's vendetta plays out, the Department of Justice may be poised to start Draining the Swamp and Dismantling The Deep State. Obama AG Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton, co-ordinating the return of Hillary to power, had what they thought was a secret meeting on the Phoenix tarmac June 27, 2016. What really happened with Benghazi, Uranium One: HRC and the Russians, Peter Strzok and Lisa Page's FBI insurance policy to block Trump, the pay-to-play Clinton Foundation, an HRC email cache found on Anthony Weiner's lap-dancing laptop — ex-wife Huma Abiden vanished as top HRC confidant overnight. Would your mainstream liberal media tolerate such a reversal of fortunes? Nope, they'll ignore it as revenge politics. Don't count on the media demanding the kind of justice it did in the Mueller investigation, once Darlings of the Left are accused.
Still dominant is the mass-media's predictably sympathetic migrant coverage, ripping apart a sovereign USA as relentless caravans look for gaps in our southern border. It is the glorious resurrection of the "nattering nabobs of negativity," as Nixon's VP Spiro Agnew observed. After all, this is the national news media that simply cannot move on from immigration indignities, sacrificing important news deemed politically-incorrect. The media relentlessly brutalizes their Kill, dedicated to crusading for the reforms they push. Yes, snowflakes, the media actually had an agenda to crown Democratic candidates with halos while demonizing the GOP ahead of the mid-term election. ACCUSE the Russians of influencing elections, but EXCUSE the mighty pens of the New York Times / Washington Post axis! Barack Obama learned from his Beer Summit convened after he backed a black professor arrested for resisting Boston police, as video later showed. He who governed by executive order was reversed by a president who followed his precedent.
IMPLAUSIBLE DENIABILITY: A corrupt news industry having incrementally moved the goal-posts of objectivity to extremism in the last generation is now defiant and resentful for being labelled an ENEMY. In character, the Media vigorously denies liability, when it ought to apologize and implement reforms to nip bias in the bud. Liberal journalism schools have infected contemporary newsrooms with groupthink ideology disgracing factual NEWS norms. With an arrogant fearlessness, today's empowered reporters often predigest facts for readers regarded as too dumb to discern for themselves right from wrong. Dan Rather and Brian Williams surrendered their CBS and NBC evening news anchor chairs for dishonest transgressions. Modern journalism tints the truth. Or co-ordinates a blackout of inappropriate news. For evidence of intent, consult, a recommended, independent news aggregator with the philosophy that we ought to be able to see the bias ratings for sources of news we choose. The News Media largely embraced a Middle of the Road approach before 2000. Today, the politically-empowered, fake news industry tries cloaking itself with the respect true journalism once earned in a craft dedicated to honesty. However, groupthink idealism is off-road, far left of center and proud of it.
WEATHER, CLIMATE-CHANGE, AL GORE, HOLLYWOOD and MEDIA ENABLERS COLLIDE with the FACTS: Challenging their Climate Change gospel is politically-incorrect according to the consensus of news media umpires insisting "The Science Is Settled"! Anyone unpersuaded is written-off as a DENIER or, more respectfully, a SKEPTIC for deficiencies of wisdom, logic and groupthink compliance — the media's monumental blitzkrieg of intimidation.

COMMENTARY Some pre-heating of our atmosphere might be desirable if a BIG CHILL arrives in the decade after next. Climate Change is a political football. It led to Media Change: rampant bias. News consumers surrender judgment — GOTCHA BELIEVIN' — the Media's Fairytale Ending. Does our climate change? Yes. Are humans exclusively to blame? No! It is impossible to pinpoint our impact vs. volcanic gaseous discharges, for example,
graphic and data on recent major volcanic eruptions worldwide, source
or how much solar heating and radiation impact the dynamic that is — and historically has been — our climate. Carbon dioxide is exhaled by animals and absorbed by plants planet-wide that restore oxygen. Some ice forms while other ice melts. Passing lame, feel good laws in America does nothing to mitigate overseas environmental issues. Weather varies regionally and seasonally. Few things in life are stable and static and endure forevermore.
masthead: Newsers say climate's changing nut silence on reporting change
New York Post November 7, 2018: Jim Acosta violated one of the oldest rules of journalism at a post-election presidential news conference late last year, escalating his argumentative ego to become the story, grandstanding on behalf of his employer, a proud, liberal siren. Normally, such an outrage would justify termination; instead CNN celebrates any ratings blip it might enjoy. Acosta deserved to have his White House press credentials suspended by the Secret Service.

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